Alzheimer: Care Giver

I always imagined once the children where older and out of the house, I would be free at last. It is like I have not enjoyed raising my children and helping them become fantastic adults. I actually marveled at every single second of it. All the trips to the library, sports fields, car tips on vacation, and late night tears that wouldn’t stop had left me fulfilled and left me. However, I waited for my time to walk off to the sunset and enjoy the ultimate freedom. Only two more years until my youngest daughter went off to university. It would expensive, but all worth it.

However, my mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer changed everything. Unlike the children, my mother is declining with time. Everyday there is something new that changes in her and I am forever worried of what I might encounter at the next corner. I don’t know what to expect from the disease as it taking residence the small space between my mother and I. It stared with simple forgetfulness, and constant search for misplaced items. As I reached out for help from my children, I found myself regrouping on a daily basis to figure out what next. Still, I was not prepared, the challenges that awaited once all the children left home. The very thing I looked forward to, children flying the nest, is what frightened me the most. Suddenly, I needed help form others in the community and that proved to be the most difficult part. The things I hadn’t realized like how hard it is to access resources for my mother came to light. My doesn’t only face Alzheimer, but with it she has language and v=culture barrier to contend with. Her issue, like many others, has no simple solutions.

Still, no matter what happens, I am determined to be by her side like she’d done as she helped me raise my children.

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