Born in Somalia, I arrived in Canada Feb 8, 1991. Raised in the privileged position of being the youngest in a family of seven with wonderful parents, I had never imagined myself as anything but a writer. I had my first novella, Amran, serialized in the October Star, the Somali daily national newspaper, when I was fifteen.

However, upon arriving in Canada, it was clear to me that my dream would have to be placed on hold. Since I didn't speak English, I needed to learn the language. I also needed to gain enough skills to be able to earn a living in my new country.

As a new immigrant, with two children left behind in a war-torn country, and one on the way, it was not time to dream. It was time to do the hard work of learning the English language and obtaining a university degree with honors in English Literature and Language.

Becoming a single mother of five children didn't help the matter, and yet to this day, it remains the most rewarding job I have ever done. I have five beautiful adult children who are a great gift to me and to our nation.

Now I am finally here to write, to share and to grow.

Fartumo Kusow